Das Is.

Coming soon to Viveport & Steam


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Das Is is a transition through mortality, crossing through multiple planes and memories. Through this interactive journey, your disembodiment self reflects on monuments navigating through unforgotten impressions of life. Every portal triggers distinct emotional responses while you transitioning through manifolds on space. 

Originally evolved from a form of EMDR therapy, by using binaural audio and lateral eye movement stimulation, as you journey from portal to portal your journey should evolve into a sense of calm before your lights go out. 

Created by Chelley Sherman





Das Is was first created for the Art of Dying event, hosted by OpenIDEO’s Re: Imagine series and featured on The Creator's Project. This VR experience uses the HTC Vive so the audience can interact and traverse through portals within the scene. 

It has since been exhibited at Upload VR, ArtandVR Festival, Ghosting.Tv/ GLAS Animation Festival.

To be released on VivePort and Steam Fall 2017. 




Chelley Sherman is a New Media Artist and Educator based out of San Fransisco working with Gray Area. Her work frequently explores the fabric of space and decay, and sometimes sweets.  

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